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I think it is impossible to live without reading. Books appeared long time ago in ancient times. It became easier to publish books when the printing was invented. Books can be divided into two large groups: fiction and non-fiction books. Fiction books are most popular with readers. Such books include stories, novels and poetry. As for non-fiction books, they are dictionaries, biographies, historical books, encyclopedias and others.

When I was a child, my parents read different books to me. I learned a lot from them. When I learnt to read, I liked reading fairy tales and adventure stories. I loved novels about pirates and brave knights. I like reading books a lot. I read non-fiction books when I prepare for my studies. But in general I like fiction books. My favourite genres of books are fantasy and horror. I think it is very popular with young people nowadays. My favourite author of fantasy books is J. Rowling. I like her books about Harry Potter. I reread them and watched films, too. My favourite author of horror stories is Stephen King. Actually I do not like books about monsters and ghosts a lot. I prefer King’s psychological novels. My favourite novel is Dolores Claiborne. This is a story about a woman who had a hard life. My family likes to read, too. We have a big library full of books of different genres My brother is interested in science-fiction. He likes reading novels about aliens and future. As for my father, he reads detective stories. I think that this genre of books is really very popular with older people. His favourite authors are Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Boris Akunin.

My mother likes historical novels and love stories. Her favourite author is Sidney Sheldon. She also reads classical novels by Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Chekhov.

I can say that reading is my hobby. When I have time I prefer reading to watching TV. Sometimes a book is so interesting that I cannot stop reading it.

I think that books help us solve some problems, too. Every person can find a book which will accompany him or her for the whole life. I have such a book, too. It is ………………………………………………..by ……………………. It reminds me of my own life somehow and it really helped me with some problems.

Nowadays we have television and the Internet; so many people prefer getting information from these sources. Some people think that in the world of information we do not need books at all. But I think that we should not forget about them. Books contain a lot of useful information and give pleasure.

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