Тема № 17

20 Февраль 2014 →

Тема № 17 (10-ж)

17.Let’s talk about modern means of communication.

Let’s talk about modern means of communication. What are they?

When we think about modern means of communication, it is mostly the Internet and mobile phones that come into our minds. People can easily socialize on the internet using Skype, video-chats, chat-rooms and instant messaging. Emails have replaced letters and postcards almost completely. They are quicker to write and send, and more sure to reach the addressee. Mobile phones let us contact others wherever they are. Furthermore, they offer the possibility of texting. It is the most convenient and the cheapest form of communication when we need to pass a quick note.

Is there any means of communication you can’t live without? Why (not)?

Nowadays we use a number of means of communication. The internet, Skype, mobile phones have become part and parcel of our life. People are becoming more and more dependent on them. I don’t think it’s bad. As a matter of fact, they make our life much easier, so why not use them? Personally, I can’t live without my mobile. Due to it I’m always in touch with my friends and parents. It also has the Internet, so it is very useful for me in many ways.

What questions will you ask people who live without a TV set, a computer or a radio?

Give me a piece of advice on how to convince my parents of the necessity of a mobile phone for a teenager.

I think that mobile phones are necessary for every teenager. Due to them parents can know where their children are and what they do. Many phones have the internet, so students can get the necessary information for their lessons. They also have a calculator, a calendar and what not. So why forbid them?

Can the internet replace all the other means of communication? What is your point of view?

In my opinion mobiles and the Internet have already replaced the other means of communication for most people. Of course, the Internet may lead to poor health through rushed meals, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, eyestrain when used too often, but we can’t stop progress and it’s up to us to decide how to use it to the utmost advantage.

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