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My University

Our government pays great attention to the educational system development. The existence of higher educational establishments, number of students, and the quality of education exactly characterize the progress of a country.

Nowadays in the century of high technologies highly qualified professionals are extremely required.

And now I want to tell you about my university. At first I’ll tell you about the organization of educational process, then I’ll tell you about our activities and in conclusion I’ll tell you about how I see my future after graduating from this University.

Gomel State University was formed in ______. 13 faculties provide training at the University. Some of them are: Biological faculty, Historical faculty, The faculty of physical culture, The faculty of English language, The faculty of Belarussian language etc. The University provides Master’s Degree courses. The total number of students, both full-time and part-time, comprises_____.

Educational process of Gomel State University provides students with conditions that encourage them to work efficiently to become a staff of high educational moral quality. The core activity of different departments focuses on progressive training and development of students creative abilities.

Numerous tutorial rooms, lecture halls, computer centres are at students’ disposal. They can get higher education through full-time and part-time departments. Students attend lectures and practical classes. In the University students acquire profound knowledge, gain hands on experience and are involved in innovative and research activities. Professional training is a systematic purposeful students’ activity on mastering the chosen specialty aimed at ensuring theoretical knowledge, hands-on and creative skills at each stage of training.

Students who demonstrate superior academic performance, enthusiasm for intellectual exploration, exceptional achievements may apply for scholarships offered by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

Sport activities are also in high reputation. The University provides sport facilities and organizes sport competitions. Such activities as sports Days, hikes, different competitions are aimed at improving students health.

And in conclusion, I want to say that the merry-go-round of student’s life is something that never forgets, and don’t pay attention on some difficulties, I’ll remember only good moments of my student life. And I hope that in future, I’ll be very grateful to my university and to my teachers; and I think, that in future I’ll be able to use all given experience in practice and to become a very good specialist.

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