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Fatness - is a heterogeneous group of diseases and pathological conditions of hereditary and acquired, shared the leading symptom of which is generalized, excessive deposition of fat in the subcutaneous tissue and other tissues and organs in violation of all types of metabolism.


"obesity" and "overweight" are not synonyms.

Fatness - is indicative of excessive fat in the body, which represents a danger to health

Overweight -means that a person's body weight is greater than that which is considered normal for its growth.


Fatness - is a major national disaster. Suffer from obesity today is already about two-thirds of the adult population of the country.

Nearly 400 thousand Americans die each year from diseases associated with overweight.

The United States has developed most of the 28 000 recognized diets


Combating obesity in the United States is included in the list of tasks to ensure national security.

American children is also the real champions of excess weight. The number of children afflicted with diabetes, has increased in recent years in the country in 9 times!


The policy of "one family, one child" has caused a phenomenon of "little emperor" syndrome! Created millions of pampered and fatness children

10% from 290 million rural children are overweight or obese. This figure is forecast to double in 10 years!


Being overweight has 25-30% of the population is Obese — 20 per cent of the population in women aged 35-55 years of excess weight is recorded at 75%, the rate of obesity is approaching 50% 5.5%-8.5% of rural children is 30-50% of children remain obese as adults, period of life


In Russia, the obesity is the disease in the United States is a way of life


the girls are in 2-5 times more boys

women get sick more often than men

an increase in the frequency of obesity in children and adolescents is a predictor of obesity in adults

the obesity rate is minimal in children and adolescents

the peak incidence of obesity to 45-55 years for men and women

in elderly patients to reduce the rate of obesity (obesity shortens life expectancy!)

more common among residents of large cities than in the countryside


excess fat in the diet

circadian rhythm disturbance power

eating at night

«fast food»

low socio-economic status families

are preserved and refined products

last slide

to meet the patients needs food, at the same time sweet and oily-chocolate, ice cream, cream

the food is similar in its effect to the drug

in his absence the patients develop painful depressive condition, reminiscent of the abstinence,

When consumed sweets pathological phenomena are

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