active words SS 1 part

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To be blunt, many of the candidates cannot read or write.”- said professor after he had checked the entering tests.

Americans have a tendency to generalize from one random foreigner to all they meet afterwards.

As long as the criticism is honestly given and doesn't get personal, I can handle it.

The minister's provocative remarks were widely reported in the press.

He is a controversial figure in the art world, who loves to argue with people who don’t like his works

A confrontational style of management may lead to a downturn in the company.

During the discussion over the workloads it is important to get your say for no working overtime!

Native Americans have been asserting their rights to ancestral land from the time of coming of the Mayflower.

This important issue demands an in-depth survey for finding a better solution.

It is so ridiculous when my brother hogs the bathroom for an hour just to get ready for school!

Let's talk this out before we do anything.

This knife’s blade will never blunt.

The hardest thing about being a clown is not to be awkward with children.

The lawyer had nothing to speak up for his client.

The word seems to embarrass the sentence.

He has always been notable for his awkward gait.

It is proved that cats don’t perceive colours.

She can talk down fifty men.

The accused tried his best to assert his rights but the court charged him guilty.

10) He has used inept words.

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