Здравствуйте! Мне корочее дали картинки и там нужно сочинить рассказ… по англ. с помощью past simple или present continuous ??? пожалуйста помоги

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Здравствуйте! Мне корочее дали картинки и там нужно сочинить рассказ... (по англ.)  с помощью past simple или  present continuous ???  пожалуйста помогите **(( 


 Use these notes to write the story of pictures.Put the verbs into the correct tense and add extra words where necessary.Make up 12 sentences. 


One morning - two young men - go climbing up -mountain. Be - sunny day. Have - ropes - climbing equipment - strong shoes. Climb - five hours reach - top - mountain - one o'clock - afternoon. Take photos - when - weather suddenly change - begin - snow. Start climb down again.Very difficult - could not see anything - so - stop - put up - tent. Have - mobile phone - ring - help. Wait - many hours.Get very cold - hear - sound - helicopter. Helicopter find - rescue. Be - safe!


Сделала вот так: (проверьте... плииз... где не правильно иправьте *( )


One morning two young men go climbing up to the mountain. It is a sunny day. They have ropes, climbing equipment and strong shoes. They were climbing for five hours and reached the top of the mountain by one o'clock in the afternoon. They had taken some photos when the weather suddenly changed and it began to snow. They started climbing down again. It was very difficult because they couldn't see anything so they had to stop and to put up the tent. Climbers had a mobile phone and they ring to the rescue service for help. They were waiting for many hours. It was getting very cold and they suddenly heard the sound of a helicopter. Helicopter flew closer and found them so climbers were rescued. They were safe.

  • Я незнаю я хоть и розбираюсь в англ но помоему тут все правильно

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