Здравствуйте, кто-нибудь может написать narrative paragraph which describes an event, feeling or experience 100 слов with topic sentence

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Здравствуйте, кто-нибудь может написать narrative paragraph which describes an event, feeling or experience  (100 слов) with topic sentence 

  • The showing of the beehive had everyone's attention, and Bernie had to remind several of the boys not to touch it. It was fragile! Bernie continued his explanation. "But, even though there are thousands of species, there are only 2 kinds of bees: the social kind and the solitary kind. The bees that came from this hive were social bees, the kind that make honey. A whole bunch of 'em used to live here." Bernie went on to explain the intricacies of how honey is made and how bee-keeping as a hobby had become very popular. Two of the girls told him, they thought the hive was ... gorgeous. Mary Ann Hastings, angry cause Bernie's show and tell was better than hers, tried not to be interested in the beehive, but ... even she just had to take a good look at it ... you never got to see one up this close!!
    ДАЛЬШЕ ИДЕТ ПОЯСНЕНИЕ(если поймеш...)
    This paragraph begins with Sharon's topic sentence that we looked at earlier. She then uses her voice as the story teller. It's as though she was in the classroom but invisible. Sharon, then, changes the teller of the story to Bernie. That's when we hear the facts about bees. Sharon continues as story teller to add the details in the order that they happened. Sharon has been writing a long time and knows how to move from one speaker to another. She also knows alot about the subject.It's now time for you to have fun and create the details of events as they happen in your story.

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