Завдання на фото, буду дуже вдячна за допомогу!

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завдання на фото, буду дуже вдячна за допомогу!

  • 1)If it rains,we will not leave home
    3)I will write him about this event,if you  tell me his adress
    4)You will read english books,if you study english
    5)She will see her brother,when he returns from England
    6)If he goes to airoport by car,he will catch a plane
    7)As soon as we go out,we will get wet
    8)When mother go shopping,she will buy some bread
    9)You will worry,if your children are late tonight?
    10)Before she goes out,she wil switch off the light
    11)She will recognize him when she see him again?
    12)Give Beth this book as soon as she comes
    13)You will phone me,after you come?
    14)If there is not any coffee,i will get some from the shop

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