Задать 10 вопросов звезде на английском

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задать 10 вопросов звезде на английском

  • What did you do last night?
    you have learned the lessons for tomorrow?
    how did you spend last summer?
    When you go to sea?
    Why do not you want to learn the lessons for tomorrow?
    who are on duty on a class tomorrow?
    you go to school on foot or you will go on a bus?
    We'll go to the movies next week yet?
  • 1)What is your name?
    2)What is you favorite food?
    3)How are you?
    4) What is your Hobby?
    5) What are you doing when  you have a free time?
    6) How often you watchTV?
    7) Have you a lof of time for fun?
    8) What is your favorite kind of music?
    9) Do you like play computer games?
    10) You love your profession?

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