Задания на установление соответствия приведённых утверждений прочитанному тексту True/FalseРекомендации по выполнению заданий:- выполняя экзаменационн

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Задания на установление соответствия приведённых утверждений прочитанному тексту (True/False)

Рекомендации по выполнению заданий:

- выполняя экзаменационные задания, всегда сначала читайте вопрос или задание и только потом текст;

-найдите в тексте то место. которое соответствует каждому вопросу;

- очень важно провести различие между фактами и мнениями. приведенными в тексте;

-намерения автора могут быть выражены прямо или нет. поэтому постарайтесь уловить скрытый смысл. если он есть.

Образец задания:

Прочитайте статью и решите какие утверждения верные, а какие нет.

Take fifteen unemployed young people and a celebrity chef, put them together in a kitchen for a year and sit back and watch the drama unfold. Jamie Oliver is the celebrity chef. His idea was to train a team of unemployed kids with an interest in and a passion for food and to open a first class restaurant in London to be run by them.
Jamie Oliver is a phenomenon in the UK, where his TV series shows him in his trendy apartments, cooking fashionable recipes for his cool friends. He is also seen riding his scooter and going shopping at local markets. He became so famjus for his lifestyle thatthe supermarket chain Sainsbury's offered him a fee of over two million pounds to star in their television adverts. Tey claim that this has resulted in 20% increase in their profits.
Cooking has always been a part of Jamie Oliver's life. His father runs a pub and restaurant in Essex, and , while he was growing up, Jamie helped out in the kitchen, where he gained valuable expierence before going on to train as a professional chef and work in famous Italian restauranrs in London. Jamie Oliver is very rich because of his TV shows and adverts and his successful cookery books. Howevere, he remains in touch with his roots, and his down-to-earth style and cheeky humour have made him popular with people of all ages. He wanted to give a little back and help inspire others, so he decided to invest in a long-term plan to help disadvantaged young people to learn about the catering industry. He has also used his influence to raise money for the project.
His restaurant is called Fifteen, reflecting both the address, 15 Westland Place, London, and the number of novices he recruited. They were chosen from 1.000 applicants, and the whole process was filmed for a five-part documentary. It wasn't easy - the restaurant went over budget, and it looked as if the team wouldn't learn to be chefs in time. Only ten students survived the training, and viewers saw some of the dramatic moments when individual students broke down, didn't turn up for work, burned food, or when Jamie discussed their progress using his characteristic direct approach.
But the restaurant did open and is still in business. All its goes to a charity called Cheeky Chops, aim at producing 30 professional chefs a year. Jamie invested 1.3 million pounds in the venture and put his own house at risk to finance it. He wants to set up similar schemes in New York and Sydney. And Jamie's recipe for success? Determination, enthusiasm, passion and a hands-on approach.

1. In the TV series Jamie Oliver cooks in his new restaurant.
True / False

2. Sainsbury's supermarket chain gave Jamie 20% of their profits.
True / False

3. Jamie trained people in a pub restaurant.
True / false

4. Jamie Oliver has decided to invest some of his money in helping other people.
True / false

5. He called his restaurant Fifteen to reflect the age of the young people he recruited.
True /False

6. TV viewers could watch the training of the chefs in a five-part documentary.
True / False

7. All of the original fifteen trainees became professional chefs.
True / False

8. Jamie received 1.3 million pounds from the new business.
True / False

9. Jamie Oliver has the invention of opening more restaurants like Fifteen.
True / False

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