Write what the people pictures are saying.1 Could you show me another T-shirt?2 Don’t sit in my presence!3 Leave the classroom!4 Could you lend me you

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Write what the people pictures are saying.

1) Could you show me another T-shirt?
2) Don't sit in my presence!
3) Leave the classroom!
4) Could you lend me your car?
5) Please help me carry this bag.
6) Turn off the music! Now!
7) Don't tell anybody,please! It's a secret.

  • 1) The boy asked a shop-assistant if she could show him another T-shirt.
    2) The queen said not to sit in her presence.
    3) The teacher said to the student to leave the classroom.
    4) A man asked another man if he could lend him his car.
    An old man asked a young boy to help him to carry that bag.
    6) Mother asked her son to turn off the music.
    7) Nina asked Ann not to tell anybody her secret.

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