Write sentences as in the example. 1. bike например She`s got a bike. It`s her bike. 2.guitar 3. sofa 4. cat 5. teddy bear 6. camera

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write sentences as in the example.  1. (bike)   например  She`s  got a bike. It`s her bike.  2.(guitar )     3. (sofa )  4. (cat )  5. (teddy bear )  6. ( camera )

  • He is plays the guitar. It's his guitar.
    We are lie on the sofa. It is our sofa.
    They have a cat. It is their cat.
    Little boy has a teddy bear. It is his teddy bear.
    We have a camera at the computer classroom. It is school's camera.
  • He has got a guitar,it is his guitar
    They have got a sofa,it is their blke
    We have got a cat,it is our cat
    My sister has got a reddy bear it is her teddy bear
    I have got a camera it is my canera

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