Write questions to ask the winner The World Cup , A Grand Prix , The NBA finals , The Olympic games

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Write questions to ask the winner 
The World Cup ,  A Grand Prix , The NBA finals ,  The Olympic games

  • Finally the autumn holidays came, I was very happy!
    The weather was lovely, so at first my friends and I went to the park almost every day. It was fun!
    I dreamed to spend a week in the village, where my grandfather and grandmother lived. It would be great. I wanted to drink milk and eat a lot of tasty things which my grandmother always cooks for me when I come to visit her.
    I have many friends in this village, because I go there every vacation.
    But mother and father couldn't let me go to the village and I stayed at home. The weather badly changed. It was getting windy and rainy. Of course, it was a bit sad to sit in a city apartment and to do household chores. 
    Holidays passed very quickly, I even didn't miss my classmates and teachers.  That is all about my autumn holidays.

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