Write am, is or are.1The weather nice today.2I not rich.3This bag heavy.4These bags heavy.5Look! There Carol.6M

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Write am, is or are.
1)The weather           nice today.
2)I  not         rich.
3)This bag        heavy.
4)These bags       heavy.
5)Look! There        Carol.
6)My brother and I       good tennis players.
7)Emily      at home. Her children       at school.
8)I      a taxi driver. My sister      a nurse.

  • 1)The weather      is     nice today.
    2)I  am not         rich.
    3)This bag    is    heavy.
    4)These bags  are     heavy.
    5)Look! There   is     Carol.
    6)My brother and I  are     good tennis players.
    7)Emily   is   at home. Her children  are     at school.
    8)I   am   a taxi driver. My sister  is    a nurse.

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