Write about a relative проверьте пожалуйста мой доклад!1 общее мнение2внешность3о характере4привычки5что любит и не любит1I would like to tell you abo

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write about a relative (проверьте пожалуйста мой доклад!)

1) общее мнение
3)о характере
5)что любит и не любит

1)I would like to tell you about my sister. Her name is Valeria. She's 19 years old. So people and, of course I, find her smart. besides,valeria is known for her warm and friendly character. She's usually open-minded and interested in other peaople.More than that, she is considerate, supportive and responsible.
2)In appearance she is very attractive. She has an oval face,a snub nose, thick brown curling hair , green eyes and a pleasant smile.
3)Valeria likes being with people and is good fun.She's so sure about herself and what he can do. She's very confident.And she is a serious man.But sometimes she is selfish. Valeria only ever thinks of herself.
4)She is a lot of talking on the phone.Lera also raises the alarm for 10 minutes earlier and still sleep this time.And,of course,she looks in the mirror before going out.
5)First, Valeria loves cool cars, and likes to drive these cars. Second, she likes the wedding. And certainly, she likes to command men.I can say that she doesn't like to be late and hates when someone is late.

  • And she is a serious WOman/А так все в порядке

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