Write a paragraph about your perfect weekend

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Write a paragraph about your perfect weekend.

  • First of all i think the best start of my perfect weekend is the opportunity to slip till 11 am. Then i cock some delicious breakfast. Let it be two boiled eggs, toast with jam and a glass of fresh orange jus. After breakfast i chat with my friends and we decide our plans for the weekend. In spite of the perfect weather we decide to go to the beach club for two days, till sunday evening. We meet at two o'clock in the nearest market. Buy lots of delicious sings, and go to the beach. During all day we have fun, listen to the music, swim, ride on the water scouters, chat with pretty girls. In the evening we are cocking sausages and potatoes. the next morning is the time to clean after our party, collect all things and go home. I think it is a great weekend. I had some kind of parties with my friends last summer and can't wait for the next season to enjoy lots of such perfect weekends!

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