What is your most unforgettable childhood experience?120 -180 словзаранее огромное спасибо

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what is your most unforgettable childhood experience?
120 -180 слов
заранее огромное спасибо)

  •          I can’t forget the Spring Festival in my hometown when I was seven. It is not only because I had an opportunity to see all of my relatives at a time, but also the experience I had at that spring festival is very special – I drank beer for the first time in my life (Clarifying that there was no drinking age limit at that time in China)!         I can still remember that at the New Year’s Eve in lunar calendar my whole family sat together in front of the TV and watched the celebration show on CCTV. We were chatting with each other, telling stories that happened in previous years, and some of the adults played Mah-jong in several groups. All the women including my mom were busy in the kitchen cooking dumplings. The whole house was filled with the sound of laughter, and that was the time when the emergency happened–I over drank! I had never tried the taste of beer before and didn’t know that beer can make people feel excited, so I begged my dad to give me some. The most amusing thing was that my father permitted me to have some beer. He gave me a half glass of beer and let me try it. It was a little bitter but I was so happy that I drank the whole cup of beer without taking a breath.         I was so drunk after I drank the whole cup of beer. Maybe I was allergic to alcohol. I had no idea about what happened after that. My mother told me what had happened at that night a few years later as a joke. She said, “You were so crazy that night and almost threw the roof.” She told me that I couldn’t stop laughing at that night, and I was so exited and started singing. “After a half hour’s laughter, you fell asleep” she told me. I am so ashamed to memorize the craziest experience in my life, but it is still funny. It can make me laugh every time I think about it.         The next day after the emergency, I cried as soon as I woke up, because I missed the fireworks show at midnight due to I over drinking. I was so upset that I refused to eat anything, because there’s only one chance to see a fireworks show in a year. My dad found out that I was so sad and wanted to cheer me up. He bought some firecrackers and ignited them in the front yard. The sound of the firecrackers was so loud that it frightened the hens in the pen, and they couldn’t stop crowing till the crackers stopped. I have to say the firecrackers were awful. It was too noisy, but it makes me feel much better because I noticed how my father cares about me. He is always the one who want me to be happy.    This is my unforgettable experience in my childhood. It was a little crazy but very fun. I always imagine that I can go back to my childhood again. That would be great.

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