Выполните задание 2 напишите проект по привлечению туристов в свой город г. Темрюк

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Выполните задание 2 (напишите проект по привлечению туристов в свой город (г. Темрюк))

  • Temruk is quite impressive and interesting town to saty in. The most entertaining attraction is the Millitary Hill which is situated on the suburb. Lots people drop in to see the quiet dignity of ancient weapons that were used during the Second World War.
    Unfortunately, tousrists get bored seeing the same architectural monuments all the time. Obviously, it needs to be a better tourist destination.
    I came up with the idea of making this the focus attraction. First of all, we should add new exhibits at least each five years to refresh our sight-seeing tour.
    I consider it's rather environmentally friendly because no harm will be done to the nature. Secondly, more good eating facilities and parking lots should be provided. Carbon dioxide can be decreased with planting new trees and lowns.
    Without a doubt such project requires a great deal of investments but it's really woeth it. As for financial viability, it will be definitely prospering because people have always had a fascination for historical sites.

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