Выполните 2 и 3 задания пожалуйста

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выполните 2 и 3 задания пожалуйста.

  • 2. Does she mind travelling by air?
    Does he mind our comming to dinner?
    Does he mind our borrowing his car?
    3. It was my grandmother`s birthday yesterday/ I didn`t manage to come, but I have phoned her to say "Happy Birthday". She was glad to hear from me.

    - I want to call jane and invite her to my party. 
    -do you know her telephone number?
    -no, but I`ll ring up her someone of her friends and leave a message for her.

    -Can I speak to Paul, please?
    -I`m afraid he is not here. he went to the swimming pool.

    - a traffic accident has just happened near my house.
    -have you already called the police and the ambulance?

  • 2)
    2)Does she mind our travelling by train?
    3)Does she mind his taking part in the competition?
    4) Does he mind our coming to dinner?
    5) Does he mind our borrowing his car?

    1) was, did not manage, phoned
    2) do you know...
    I will ring someone if her friends up and leave a message for her
    3) has gone
    4) Have you already called...

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