Выпишите из текстаприлагательные и наречия, образуйте от них степени сравнения. Переведите их. The word money comes from the name of the Roman goddess

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Выпишите из текста
прилагательные и наречия, образуйте от них степени сравнения. Переведите их.
The word money comes from the name of the Roman goddess in whose temple
silver coins were made.

                Money did not
always look like our money. Sometimes it was a ring or an ornament, or just a
slab of gold or silver, from which coins were v made. Still later cheaper
metals replaced gold and silver.

                British coins are
made in the Royal Mint. The metals come in the form of slabs. The right
proportion of each metal for the sort of coin being made, are put into large
graphite pots and melted in very hot furnaces for

two hours.

and left to cool. The bars of metals go throught heavy rollers and
become thin metal slrips. The strips go into another machine which stamps out
circles in them. The circles drop into a box. The waste metal is collected and

                Next the circles
are annealed: they are heated to red-hot and then

dropped into cold water. During the process of annealing the copper
takes some of the oxygen from the air. As a result a thin layer of copper oxide
appears on the surface of the circle, which is removed with a weak solution of
sulphuric acid.

                While hot the
circles are stamped, and also pass through a special

pressing machine which raises a rim cm the coin. (The rim will help the
coin to live longer.) In stamping the softish circle of the future coin is
pressed above and below by two pieces of metal called dies. The upper die
stamps the heads of the coin and the lower die stamps the tails. While being
stamped the coin becomes hard again. When the coins are ready they arc Counted
on an automatic machine, and inspected by hand. Then they are Recounted and
bagged up by machine, tied up and weighed and sent to the bank.

  • later - late-later-the latest - поздний, cheaper- cheap- cheaper-the cheapest - дешевый, large - larger - the largest - огромный, hot- hotter-the hottest - горячий, жаркий, heavy-heavier-the heaviest - тяжелый,  thin- thinner-the thinnest - тонкий, cold-colder-the coldest - .холодный, weak- weaker-the weakest - слабый, longer - long-longer-the longest - длинный, дольше,  lower -  low- lower- the lowest - нижний, hard - harder the hardest - твердый, 

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