Выбрать одну из этих тем:Write about your special memories.1 Think of:• first memories• birthday memories• summer holiday memories• first friend memor

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Выбрать одну из этих тем:
Write about your special memories.
1 Think of:
• first memories
• birthday memories
• summer holiday memories
• first friend memories
• first day at school memories
Это пример как должен выглядеть рассказ:
Look at this picture. I was about six years old. It was so
funny. It was in Australia. I remember that day. The weather
was sunny and very hot. I was with my mum and dad on
the beach. There were lots of seashells everywhere. And there
was a very beautiful big seashell just near the water. I was
so happy to find it. It was exciting. Suddenly my hand was in
the seashell to explore the inside. For me it was fun, but my
parents were scared.

  • summer holiday memories
    That was summer. The school summer holidays have begun. I went out and met friends. They called me for a walk. I agreed and we went to play. We played long into the evening. Then I went home and went to bed. So I spent the first day of summer.

    Вот и наступило лето. В школе начались летние каникулы. Я вышел на улицу и встретил друзей. Они позвали меня погулять. Я согласился и мы пошли играть. Играли мы долго до самого вечера.    Потом я пошёл домой и лёг спать. Так я провёл первый день лета.

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