Выберите правильныйвариант.1. Motherdoesn’thave much free time. Neither ….a do I, b do I have, c I do, d I am.2. It has beensnowingall day. I wonde

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Выберите правильный
1. Motherdoesn'thave much free time. Neither ... .
a) do I, b) do I have, c) I do, d) I am.
2. It has beensnowingall day. I wonder when ... .
a) will it stop,b) doesit stop, c) it stops,d) it will stop.
3. This is ... useful advice.
a) such,b) sucha, c) so, d) so a.
4.1 have two rooms. One is a bedroom,and ... is a sittingroom.
a) other, b) the other, c) another, d) others.
5. He ... his hat to welcome us.
a) rose,b) has risen, c) raised,d) is rising.
6. I haven't the slightestidea of what I ... to do in this situation.
a) could,b) ought,c) would, d) should.
7. They let their children... differentpets at home.
a) keeps, b) keeping,c) keep, d) to keep.
8. You have to supportyour children,... ?
a) have you, b) haven't you, c) do you, d) don't you.
9. We all... mistakeswhen we are young.
a) do, b) make,c) did, d) made.

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