Выберите правильный ответ:1.Have you got any free time this week, that week to talk about the party? We need to start planning as soon as possible.2

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 Выберите правильный ответ:1.Have you got any free time (this week,that week)   to talk about the party? We need to start planning as soon as possible.2.Doctors recommend that we should eat(fishes,fishs,fish)   at least twice a week.3.When I visited South America last year, most of the time I travelled (by a bus,by the bus,by bus)  .4.The toy department is located on (the third fllor,a third floor,third floor) , next to children's clothes.5.I need to buy (the rice,some rice,a rice).   at the supermarket. I'm going to cook supper for some friends this evening.6.'Hello. (This is,It is).  Susannah. Could I speak to Paul, please?'7.I spent ages putting up these (shelf,shelfs,shelves)  , but they're not straight.8.My father gave me( some useful advices,some useful advice,a useful advice) . Don't be afraid to fail – successful people learn from their failures.9.My daughter has just started walking. Have a look at (  this video,that video)  I took on my phone.10.The exhibition of modern art will be held at (The Ashomolean Museum, theAshomolean Museum,the ashomolean museum)    in Oxford.11.I like to listen to( a radio,radio,the radio)   while I'm driving.12.'Which of the designs for the new company logo do you prefer?' '(These ones,these one,this one) .'13.When my brother stood on ( a tube of toothpaste, a tub of toothpaste)  , it made a terrible mess on the floor. My mother was very angry!14.'Have you heard about Miranda? She's just been promoted for the second time this year.' 'Wow!( It's, That's,This is)   amazing! She must be pleased.'15.On average, South Koreans work forty percent more hours each year than ( the Duthes,Dutch,the Dutch)  .16.My brother is so lazy – he never gets up before 10 o'clock (in the morning, at  morning,in morning)  .17.I'm going to Cadiz on holiday so I've been learning (Spanish,spanish)   at an evening class.18.Even though we had tickets for the concert, we had to queue for more than ( an hour,a hour)   to get in.19.(Time,The Time) is the world's largest weekly magazine, with a global circulation of over 25,000,000.20.The news about the economy (is,are)   better than people were expecting.21.Before moving into politics, he spent several years working for (the World Bank, a World Bank,World Bank)   .22.Could I have ( two coffees and tea,two coffee and a tea)  , please?23.'My grandmother had to have( an injection, the injection,injection) of antibiotics when she cut her hand.' 'Was   painful?'24.( Those ticket,These tickets,these ticket) give you access to the museum for the whole weekend, and include lunch in the café.25.I read ( an interesting artice,interesting artice , the interesting artice)  in the paper about social networking.26.When I was at university, things were very different. Nobody had personal computers ( in those days,in that day,in these days)  , so everyone wrote their essays by hand.27.I've always been interested in meeting people from other countries, so I chose ( a university, an university)   with a lot of overseas students.28.Every winter( the elderlies,the eldery,eldery)   receive extra money towards their heating bills.29.After I finished studying at (university,the university)  , I spent a year travelling.30.Research shows that (regular exersise,a regular exersise ,regular exersises)  can dramatically reduce the risk of many serious diseases.31.Have you seen (a film,the film,film)  about the emperor penguins of Antarctica? It won lots of awards.32.Tonight's guest speaker is Professor John Rathbone, who teaches (Business Studies,business studies, the Business Studies)   at Edinburgh University.33.Doctors recommend moderate exercise at least (three times a week,three times week,three times the week) .34.'I hardly slept last night, as I was worrying about my job interview this morning.' 'Poor you! Did (an interview, interview, the interview)  go well?'35.My brother has more than twenty (pair of trousers, trousers,pairs of trousers)but only one jacket!36.During his visit to (school,the school)   this afternoon, the prime minister made a speech about the government's education policy.37.The moon is moving away from the earth at the rate of (three and the half,three and a half ,three and the half) centimetres per year.38.The website has (some useful information, some useful informations,a useful information)    about how to set up your own business.39.Do you like( classical music, the classical music ) ? I've got tickets for a piano concert this evening if you want to come.40.Could I have two of ( those cake,these cake)   over there, please?41.I don't think I'd like to be ( politician,a politician,the politician)  . It must be very stressful.

  • 1. this
    week, 2. fish   3. by bus  .4.the third floor 5. some rice. 6.'This
    is. 7. shelves   8. some useful advices.9. this video,.10. the Ashomolean
    Museum,.11.,the radio  .12. this one .'13. a tube of toothpaste14. It's,.'15.
    the Dutch  .16. in the morning,.17. Spanish,.18. an hour,.19. The Time is,.21.
    the World Bank,.22. two coffees and tea, 23. the injection, '24These tickets, 25.
    an interesting artice, 26. in those days, 27. a university, 28. the elderlies, 29.
    the university.30. regular exersises.31. the film, 32. Business Studies, 33. three
    times a week,.34. an interview, '35. pair of trousers,!36. the school   37.
    three and a half 38. some useful information39. classical music, 40. those
    cake,41.I a politician,

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