Выберите правильный наречие или обстоятельственным фразы.1. Mr. Brown said the manager would be back in London tomorrow, the following day. 2. He say

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 Выберите правильный наречие или обстоятельственным фразы.

1. Mr. Brown said the manager would be back in London (tomorrow, the following day). 2. He says he enjoyed the film (yesterday, the previous day). 3. The secretary told Mr. Black that Mr. Brown had called him up (two hours ago, two hours before). 4. The secretary said Mr. Brown was having an appointment (now, then). 5. Mary says she will book tickets for the cinema (tomorrow, the next day). 6. The journalist said that Bondarev's new novel would be out (next month, the next month). 7. He said that he had finished his new collection of stories (last month, the previous month).



  • 1tomorrow
    3two hours before
    6next month
    7the previous month
  • 1. the following day. 2. the previous day. 3. two hours before. 4.  then. 5. the next day. 6. the next month. 7. the previous month

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