Вставьте few a few, little a little, many, much:there is многоbread on plate. She took несколько English books. I have мало time. There are много cup

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Вставьте few (a few), little (a little), many, much:
there is (много)bread on  plate. She took (несколько) English books. I have (мало) time. There are (много) cups. He has (немного) water.We know(мало) English words.
Составьте примерное меню вашего завтрака, обеда и ужина по образцу:
For breakfast I usually have...
For dinner I usually have...
For supper I usually have...

  • There is much bread on plate.
    She took few       English books
    I have a little time
    There are many cups
    He has a few water
    We know few English words
    for breakfast I usually have a little bread,milk or tea

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