Вот блин задали написать сочинение о знаменитости с описанием чёрт лица. ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗ

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Вот блин задали написать сочинение о знаменитости с описанием чёрт лица.ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗ

  • My favorite films star is Orlando Bloom and I would like to tell you about him. He was born on the January 13 of in 1977, Canterbury, England. His height is 1.80 m. His hair colour brown. He older than him. His father died when he was only fore. He at tended St. Demand's School of music and drama, London. When he was a kid, he wanted to become a professional football player-but he wasn't good enough. Today he is a fan of Manchester United. He likes sports like bungee-jumping, biking and surfing. He has got a pet-dog. He is a vegetarian. He likes GAP clothers. He is ambitions, he likes to be in different kinds of movies-not just action. His hero is Johnny Depp, because he is cool.
  • The Help.
    It is one of favourite books.Today i want to talk about Miss Leefolt.
    Here's something about her: she not just friwing up, she skinny.Her legs is so spindly she look like she done growned em last week.23 years old and she lanky as a 14 old boy.Even her hair is thin,brown,see-through.She try to tearse it up,but it only make look her thinner.In fact, her whole body be so full a sharp knobs and corners, it is no wonder that she can't soothe her own child.:-)

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