Variant 3.Task 1.Choose the right variant:1. Павел играет в футбол каждую субботу. a playsb is playingc are playing 2. Я завтракаю сейчас. a is havi

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    Variant 3.

Task 1.Choose the right variant:

1. Павел играет в футбол каждую субботу.

a) plays

b) is playing

c) are playing 

2. Я завтракаю сейчас.

a) is having breakfast

b) am having breakfast

c) are having breakfast

3. Ты встаешь в 7 или 8 часов утра?

a) Are … getting up …

b) do … get up

c) have … got up …

4. Мы уже купили ему подарок.

a) buy

b) buys

c) have bought

5. Обычно он ездит на машине.

a) drive

b) drives

c) is driving

6.Что ты делаешь сейчас?

a) are … doing

b) do … do

c) have … done

7. Я уже сделала домашнюю работу.

a) do

b) does

c) have done

8. Мы всегда пьем сок по утрам.

a) drinks

b) drink

c) have spoken

9. Он говорит по телефону сейчас.

a) is speaking

b) have spoken

c) has spoken

10. Сейчас он пишет письмо.

a) am writing

b) is writing

c) are writing

Task 2. Choose the right answer:

1. I … just … the letter.

a) am … writing

b) have … written

c) has … written

2. She … coffee now.

a) drinks

b) am drinking

c) is drinking

3. We usually … chess on Saturday.

a) play

b) plays

c) played

4. What are you doing? I … an English poem.

a) am reading

b) is reading

c) are reading

5. What … you do in the evening?

a) does

b) do

c) doing

6. She … already … with him.

a) has … spoken

b) is … speaking

c) am … speaking

7. … you reading a book now?

a) is 

b) go

c) is going

8. She … to the college every day.

a) goes

b) go 

c) is going

9. Would you like a cup of coffee?

No. I … just … mineral water.

a) am … drinking

b) have … drunk

c) has … drunk

10. What … she doing now?

a) is

b) are

c) be

Task 3.Put «some», «any», «no» in:

Are there ___students here from Japan?

Is there ___ news?-Yes, there are ___ letters on the desk.

Would you like ___ ice-cream? -___ more , thank you , I have ___.

He told us ___ strange story.

Task 4.Choose the right answer:

The moon is (bigger , smaller) than the Earth.

Russian is (more difficult, easier) than English.

The USA is ( further , nearer) than France from Moscow.

In Ufa the population is (more, less) than in Novosibirsk.

Variant 4.

Task 1.Choose the right variant:

1. Мы ходим в колледж каждый день.

a) goes

b) go

c) went

2. По утрам я пью кофе.

a) drink

b) am drinking

c) is drinking

3. Сейчас я перевожу текст.

a) translates

b) translating

c) am translating

4. Мы уже посетили музей.

a) visited

b) have visited

c) has visited

5. Он делает зарядку по утрам.

a) does

b) do

c) is doing

6. Я не пишу ему письма.

a) doesn’t write

b) don’t write

c) haven’t written

7. Мы только что видели его.

a) see

b) sees

c) have seen

8. Ты уже выпила сок?

a) have … drink

b) do … drink

c) are … drinking

9. Обычно мы смотрим телевизор по вечерам.

a) watches

b) are watching

c) watch

10. Они смотрят телевизор сейчас.

a) is watching

b) am watching

c) are watching

Task 2.Choose the right variant:

1. I … many friends.

a) has got

b) have got

c) had got

2. … you still … in the garden?

a) is … working

b) am … working

c) are … working

3. It often … in autumn.

a) rains

b) is raining

c) are raining

4. He … just translated the text.

a) have

b) has

c) is having

5. She … in Ufa.

a) is living

b) has lived

c) lives

6. What … he do in the morning?

a) do

b) does

c) is

7. We … already … our work.

a) has … finished

b) are … finished

c) have … finished

8. What … you … now?

a) are … drinking

b) has … drunk

c) do drink

9. She … doctor every month.

a) is visiting

b) has visited

c) visits

10. … you speak English well?

a) do

b) does

c) are

Task 3.Put “some”, “any”, “no”, in:

1. Is there ___ coffee at home? Yes, there is ___ 

2. Have you got ___ books in your bag?

3. She has got ___ friends from Great Britain.

4. I haven’t ___ pets at home, but I have ___ in the village. 

Task 4. Choose the right variant:

1. In summer the days are (shorter, longer) than in summer.

2. The longest days are in (June, August).

3. The hottest season is (summer, spring).

4. He is( the best . better) student in our group.


  • 1-a 2-b 3-b 4-c 5-b 6-a 7-c 8-c 9-a 10-b

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