Вальтер скотт текст на английском для 5 класса

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вальтер скотт текст на английском для 5 класса

  • Born in Edinburgh , the son of a wealthy Scottish lawyer John Walter (1729-1799) and Anne Rutherford (1739-1819) , the daughter of a professor of medicine at Edinburgh University . Was the ninth child in the family, but when he was six months old , in only three survived . In a family of 13 children , six survived .In January 1772 contracted infantile paralysis , lost his right leg mobility and always remained lame. Twice - in 1775 and in 1777 respectively - was treated in the resort town of Bath and Prestonpans .His childhood was closely associated with the Scottish borderland (Scottish Borders), where he spent time on his grandfather's farm in Sendinou , as well as his uncle's house near Kelso. Despite his physical handicap , at an early age hit around a lively mind and a phenomenal memory .In 1778 , he returned to Edinburgh. Since 1779 studies at the Edinburgh school, in 1785 comes to the Edinburgh College . The college became interested in mountaineering, physically stronger , and gained popularity among his peers as a great storyteller.I read a lot , including the ancient authors , was fond of novels and poetry, and singled out the traditional ballads and legends of Scotland. Together with his friends in college organized "Poetic Society", studied German language and are familiar with the works of German poets .Scott becomes important for 1792 : University of Edinburgh , he passed the examination for the title of lawyer. Since that time, he becomes a respectable man with a prestigious profession and has his own law practice.In the early years of independent practice of law traveled around the country , along the way collecting folk legends and ballads of the Scottish heroes of the past . Became interested in translations of German poetry , anonymously published his translations of ballads Burger " Lenore ."In 1791, he met his first love - Williamina Belshes , the daughter of the Edinburgh lawyer. Within five years trying to achieve reciprocity Williamina , but she kept him in limbo and in the end he chose William Forbes , the son of a wealthy banker , for whom, and married in 1796. Unrequited love for a young man was a major blow , the particles in the following way Williamina repeatedly manifested in the heroines of novels by author .In 1797, he married Charlotte Carpenter (Charlotte Charpentier ) ( 1770-1826 ) .In life was an exemplary family man, a good man , sensitive, considerate , appreciative , fond of his estate Abbotsford , which is rebuilt , made ​​him a small castle , very fond of trees, animals , a good meal with your family .In 1830, he first takes a stroke that paralyzed his right arm. In 1830-1831 Scott experiencing two more apoplectic stroke.He died of a heart attack Sept. 21, 1832 .Currently, the estate of Scott's Abbotsford is a museum of the famous writer

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