Условные сложно-подчиненные предложения Вариант 21.What youto do if you saw a road accident?2. Just call us if she to have any problems with your tel

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Условные сложно-подчиненные  предложения 

Вариант 2
1.What you(to do) if you saw a road accident?2. Just call us if she (to have) any problems with 
your television. We'll repair it or send it back to the manufacturer. 3. .If a friend (to break) one 
of your favourite things, what would you say? 4. Don't kick your ball near my window! If you 
break it, she (to have)to pay for it! 5. If you had some breakfast before you left home, you (to 
get) so hungry later. '6.Very tired after my trip. But I will feel better tomorrow if he (to sleep) 
well tonight. 7..If Paul (to come) to stay next weekend we'll have to take them to the beach.. 
They love swimming.8. If I had to live in the 18th century, I (to know) how to do all kinds of 
things like cooking, cleaning and growing my own food. 9.What will you do if Sam (to ask) you 
to lend him some money? 10.If (ask) her, you won't know. Ask her!'

  • 1 would do 2 has 3 broke 4 will have to 5 would have got 6 sleeps 7 comes 8 would know 9 asks 10 ask

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