Use the pictures from Ex. 7 and write the main events of the story

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Use the pictures from Ex. 7 and write the main events of the story.

  • Перевод просьб и приказаний из прямой речи в косвенную

    Если в прямой речи содержится просьба или приказание, то при переводе в косвенную речь перед ней:
    •    ставятся слова автора, содержащие глаголы to ask smb (просить кого- либо) или to tell smb (велеть кому-либо);
    •    глагол в косвенной речи ставится в форме инфинитива.

    Вежливая просьба сделать что-либоto ask smb to do smth — просить кого-либо сделать что-либо The teacher says to the pupils, "Open your books at page 27, please."— Учитель говорит ученикам: "Откройте, пожалуйста, книги на стр. 27".
    The teacher asks her pupils to open their books at page 27. — Учитель просит учеников открыть книги на стр. 27.

    Приказание сделать что-либоto tell smb to do smth— велеть кому-то сделать что-тоto order smb to do smth — приказывать кому-либо сделать что-либо The policeman says to the robber, "Put your hands up!"— Полицейский говорит грабителю: "Руки вверх!"
    The policeman tells the robber to put his hands up. — Полицейский велит грабителю поднять руки вверх.

    Запрет делать что-либоto ask smb not to do smth— просить кого-либо не делать чего-либо Betty says to her son, "Don't disturb me, please."— Бетти говорит сыну: "He беспокой меня, пожалуйста".
    Betty asks her son not to disturb her. — Бетти просит сына не беспокоить ее. 
    to tell smb not to do smth — велеть кому-либо не делать чего-либо The mother says to her son, "Don't lean out of the window." — Мама говорит сыну: "He высовывайся из окна".
    The mother tells her son not to lean out of the window. — Мама велит сыну не высовываться из окна.

    1 Say the sentences using reported speech.1.    Kate says to her brother, "Don't touch my things."
    2.    The mother says to her son, "Don't watch this film."
    3.    Peggy says to her sister, "Please tell me the truth."
    4.    The customer says to the shop assistant, "Please show me the fitting room."
    5.    Mary says to her brother, "Don't make so much noise, please." 
    2    Misha was in a clothes shop when he met a woman. Listen to the dialogue and say
    a)    what the woman's name is.
    b)    how Misha knows her.
    c)    why she needs Misha's help.

    3    Read the conversation for detail.Misha: Hello. Are you Angela V.? 
    Angela V.: Yes, that's me.
    Misha: I just love your songs! Could you give me your autograph? 
    Angela V.: Sure. Here you are.
    Misha: Thank you, bye!    
    Angela V.: Wait a second. Please, don't go! Where do you come from? 
    Misha: I'm from Russia. 
    Angela V.: Your English is very good. Could you help me do some shopping here? I don't speak English very well.
    Misha: Of course. It'd be a pleasure. 
    Angela V.: Fine. Could you get me three shop assistants and tell me how to say these sentences in English? 
    Angela V.: Покажите мне, где примерочная.
    Misha: Show me where the fitting room is. 
    Angela V.: Принесите мне все красные платья восьмого размера, которые у вас есть. 
    Misha: Bring me all the size 8 red dresses that you have. 
    Angela V.: Помогите мне примерить эти туфли.
    Misha: Help me try these shoes on. 
    Angela V.: Приготовьтесь долго ждать.
    Misha: Be ready to wait for a long time. 
    Angela V.: Соглашайтесь со всем, что я говорю.
    Misha: Agree with everything that I say. 
    Angela V.: He входите, если я не зову.
    Misha: Don't come if I don't call. 
    Angela V.: Поторапливайтесь! 
    Misha: Hurry up!
    Angela V.: Oh, I can't remember all these phrases! Could you talk to the shop assistant for me?

    4    Report the requests from the dialogue according to the model."Could you give me your autograph?" — Misha asked Angela to give him her autograph. 

    5    What will Misha have to say to the shop assistants? Change the sentences according to the model.Model:Help me try these shoes on.— Misha will tell the shop assistants to 
               help Angela try the shoes on.

    6    Do you think the shop assistants will listen to Misha? Why? / Why not? How should Misha speak to the shop assistants to make Angela's instructions more polite? Choose the correct version and rewrite the sentences from the dialogue.
    Model:Miss Angela is telling you to bring her all the size 8 red dresses that 
               you have in the shop. Or Miss Angela is asking 
               you to bring her all the size 8 red dresses 
               that you have in the shop.

    7    Two hours later Misha finally left the shop. Now he is talking to Emily and Rob and telling them what happened to him. Listen to the story and put the pictures in the correct order. Match the pictures with the mini-dialogues.

    a)    I think I look nice in this.— Yes, you look great.
    b)    Don't be rude! Please leave the shop.— Oh, no. I'm sorry. Please, let me stay,
    c)    Bring me all the size 8 red dresses that you have in the shop.— Yes, of course.
    d)    This colour is more suitable, don't you think?— But they are all red, madam.
    e)    Could you help me do some shopping? — Of course. It'd be a pleasure.
    f)    Could I have your autograph? — Sure.
    g)    Surprise! Surprise! — I don't believe it! 


    A Use the pictures from Ex. 7 and write the main events of the story.Model: Misha asks Angela for her autograph.

    В Write what the people in the pictures are saying.

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