Упр. 2. Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice, обращая внимание на место предлога. E.g. We often speak about her. — She is often spoken about

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Упр. 2. Передайте следующие предложения в Passive Voice, обращая внимание на место предлога.

E.g. We often speak about her. — She is often spoken about.

1. We thought about our friend all the time. 2. The doctor will operate on him in a week. 3. The teacher sent for the pupil's parents. 4. They looked for the newspaper everywhere. 5. Nobody slept in the bed. 6. The neighbour asked for the telegram. 7. Everybody listened to the lecturer with great attention. 8. The senior students laughed at the freshman. 9. The group spoke to the headmistress yesterday. 10. The young mothers looked after their babies with great care. 11. Nobody lived in that old house. 12. They sent for Jim and told him to prepare a report on that subject.

  • 1. Our friend is thought about (all the time). 2. He will be operated on (in a week). 3. The pupil's parents were sent for. 4. The newspaper was looked for (everywhere). 5. The bed wasn't slept in. 6. The telegram was asked for. 7. The lecturer was listened to. 8. The freshmen were laughed at. 9. The headmistress was spoken to (yesterday). 10. The babies were looked after (with great care). 11. That old house wasn't lived in. 12. Jim was sent for (and was told to prepare a report on that subject). 
    То, что в скобочках можно писать, а можно не писать. Зависит от того, что именно требует от вас учитель. Но оба варианта правильны.
  • 1.Our friend is thought about (by us) all the time. 2.He will be operated by the doctor in a week.3.The pupil's parents were sent by the teacher.4.The newspaper was lookes (by them) everywhere.5.The bed was(not) slept (by nobody).(if you write by nobody don't write not).6.The telegram was asked by the neighbour.7.The lecturer was listened (by everybody) with great attention.8.The freshman was laughed by the senior students.9.The headmistress was spoked (by the group) yesterday. 10.The babies were looked after by their young mothers with great care. 11.That old house was not lived(by nobody). 12.Jim was sent (by them) and was told to prepere a report on that subject

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