Употребитепритяжательный падеж существительных. Образец:The poems of Lermontov – Lermontov’s poems1.The toy of their children. 2. The questions of my s

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притяжательный падеж существительных.
The poems of Lermontov – Lermontov’s poems

The toy of their children. 2. The questions of my son. 3. The wife of
my brother. 4. The table of our teach­er. 5. The life of animals.
6. The voice of this girl. 7. The new book of the pupils. 8. The
letter of Peter. 9. The car of my parents. 10 The room of my friend.
11. The hand­bags of these women. 12. The flat of my sister is
large. 13. The children of my brother are at home. 14. The room of
the boys is large.

  • 1. Their children's toy
    2. My son's quastions
    3. My brother's wife
    4. Our teacher's table
    5. Animal's life
    6. This girl's voice
    7. Pupil's new book
    8. Peter's letter
    9. My parent's car
    10. My friend's room
    11. These women's handbags
    12. My sister's flat is large
    13.  My brother's children are at home
    14. Boy's room is large.

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