Употребите нужно слово1.My book is___ at home2.You must ask_____to help you3.We understand_____in this text4.I am afraid there is______in the garde

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Употребите нужно слово
1.My book is___    at home
2.You must ask_____to help you
3.We understand_____in this text
4.I am afraid there is______in the garden
5.You can find this book_____
6._______can answer this question
7.Is there______on the table?
8.______is near our classroom
9.______is all right
10.I dont t know_____about it
11.Is there_______in the kitchen?

Задание4. Вставьте:some,any,much,many
-Are there_____oranges in your shop?
-Yes, there are_____
-Is there______coffe in your cup?
-No,there isn t______
Would you like more coffee?
-No,thanks.I have drunk_____cups of it already
-Are there______bananas in your bag?
-Is there_____milk in the fridge?
-Yes,there is_____
-One bottle

  • 1) My book is at   at home 2) You must ask me to help you 3) We understand all in this text 4) I am afraid there is snake in the garden 5) You can find this book in the library 6) You can answer this question 7) is  there book on the table? 8) canteen is near our classroom 9) He is all right 10) I dont  know yesterday about it 11) Is there spoon in the kitchen?

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