Твір my favorite food! срочно!

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Твір my favorite food!срочно!

  • My favorite food is pizza because pizza smells good and taste good. Actually my favorite pizza is cheese pizza. cheese make me strong. I always say to mom I want to eat pizza, I want there’s a pizza race because I can eat pizza fast and the many. My mom always say ‘’no’’ when I want eat pizza because pizza is bad for our health. When I eat pizza I always be happy and glad. I will like to go to America because there will be many hamburgers and pizza stores. On my birthday I will eat lots of lots of pizzas. There’s a bad problem I will be fatter than my dad. Sometimes when I’m sick I’ don’t want to eat pizza’s. my birthday,my parent’s birthday,my grandparent’s birthday,my cousins birthday and eating pizza day is my favorite of the life I’ve been.

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