Твір “Мій похід до бібліотеки”

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Твір "Мій похід до бібліотеки"

  • n the library of the atmosphere premises - the temple of spirituality and books adjusts to the seriousness of greatness, high morality, ethics and thirst for knowledge. On racks , shelves peacefully resting favorite wonderful books that just asks us to hand us to read them, plucked their knowledge , wisdom , transformation, expanded their horizons and directed his life , family , society, the right course of eternity , spirituality , faith and decency.
    Going to the library , we become internally stricter , more correctly , the voice says, half-whisper , majestic, pranks go out of my mind , increases concentration, people start to feel exalted and chaste , because no truer friend than a book that will never let you down .
    The heart of every library - reading room where you can sit in peace and quiet to think , read newspapers , browse the pages of history in the encyclopaedia , prepare lessons , write a paper , or float away on the waves of the fascinating novel . Here people internally cleared of contamination , it is much better to spiritual , radiating warmth and happiness.
    Before going to the library , I 'm preparing for a long time , pick the right words , make a list of the literature on which you need to pay attention . In the temple of knowledge to go psychologically prepared to submit faithful friends - good books. Otherwise, the magic emotions , useful information and universal wisdom books pass by without leaving a trace in the convolutions of the true memory , flexing of the soul. Time flies fast in the library , filling the inner spiritual world of sensations usefulness to society , certainty of fate, being wanted people to wander.

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