Топик по английскому 10 предложений, на тему страна которая мне нравиться, хотелось бы про англию или испанию

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Топик по английскому 10 предложений,на тему страна которая мне нравиться,хотелось бы про англию или испанию)

  • My favorite county is Great Britain. The most famous in the world I think. I like this county because this is the place of Elizabeth Queen, Amy Winehouse, Elton John, princess Diana and others. There are a lot of places of interest in London. Among them are: Westminster abbey, Houses of Parliament, London bridge. This is the country with great history. All London's long past history is told by its streets. There are many streets in London witch are known all over the world. Among them Oxford street, Downing Street. All tourists are usually attracted not only by the places of interest but by the streets too.

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