To be going to VMake up sentences and questions.1.My uncle/buy a car.2.I/not/get up at 6 o clock in the TV in the morning?4.Ann/no

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To be going to V
Make up sentences and questions.
1.My uncle/buy a car.
2.I/not/get up at 6 o clock in the morning. TV in the morning?
4.Ann/not/change her school.
5.We/play football tomorrow.
6.Granny/cook supper.
7.Jenny/learn Italian?
10.What/your parents/buy for your birthday?
11.I/take pictures/buring my stay in London.
12.You are going to ride a bicycle,...?

  • 1.My uncle is going to buy a car.
    2.I am not going to get up at 6 o clock in the morning. 
    3.You are going to watch TV in the morning.  
    4.Ann is going to change her school.
    5.We are going to play football tomorrow. 
    6.Granny is going to cook supper.
    7.Is Jenny going to learn Italian?
    8.It is not going to rain.
    9.It is going to rain
    10.What are your parents going to buy for your birthday?
    11.I am going to take pictures during my stay in London.
    12.You are going to ride a bicycle,Aren't you?

    сначала не понял задание... в скобках - вопрос к предложению, хотя его наверно не надо...

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