Test 5 The largest lady in the world is…a Eiffel Tower b The Statue of Liberty c Pisa Tower d Mount Everest e The Statue of WomanThe U. S cen

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Test 5 The largest lady in the world is…a) Eiffel Tower    b) The Statue of Liberty   c) Pisa Tower    d) Mount Everest   e) The Statue of WomanThe U.S centre for art and business is…Los Angeles   b) Washington   c) Las Vegas   d) New York   e) Colorado        3. Who are Prince William and Prince Henry’s parents?a) Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer   b) Queen Victoria and Prince Albert   c) Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson   d) Prince Anne and Captain Mark Phillips  e) Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip        4. Australia is a (an)…a) district     b) island continent      c) peninsula               d) city          e) town       5. July 4th is …a) Halloween   b) Friendship Day c) Victory Day  d) Independence Day   e) Father’s Day       6. Nelson’s Column is situated in … in London.a) Fleet Street    b) Downing Street    c) Trafalgar Square   d) Piccadilly Circus   e) Harley Street      7. What is the longest river in the U.S.?a) Missouri   b) Hudson   c) Tennessee     d) Ohio      e) Mississippi      8. Who is the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty?a) Michelangelo   b) Monet     c) Bartholdi    d) Eiffel   e) Lincoln      9. How many houses does the British Parliament ca) 2        b) 3        c) 4         d) 5        e) 6      10. The novel “Sister Carrie” was written by …a) Charles Dickens   b) Somerset Maugham   c) Theodore Dreiser   d) Jonathan Swift   e) Robert Burnsonsist of?

  • 1.b
    7. a

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