Test 1.Choose the right verb. 1.I … this English poem by heart yesterday a learn b lear

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                                                       Test 1.Choose the right verb.  1.I … this English poem by heart yesterday   a) learn      b) learnt      c) will learn 2.Tomorrow she … this text into Russian.a) translates      b) translated    c) will translate 3.This year my sister often …good marks.a)gets           b)got             c)will get 4.The children … English very soon (скоро).a) speak     b)speaks     c) will speak 5.They … a lot of question last Monday.a) ask         b)asked         c)asks   2. Write the correct questions .1.He sometimes reads the newspaper,…?2.You are Indian, …?3.They had a nice weekend, …?4.Peggy didn't use the pencil,  …?5.Mary has answered the teacher's question,  …?6.The boy is from Turkey,   …?7.Sue wasn't listening, …?8.Andrew isn't sleeping, …?9.Tom and Maria will arrive at Heathrow,  …?10.She has a brother,  …?   

  •   1.I learnt this English poem by heart yesterday  
     2.Tomorrow she
    will translate this text into Russian.
     3.This year my sister often gets  good marks.
     4.The children
    will speak  English very soon.
     5.They asked a lot of question last Monday.
    1.He sometimes reads the newspaper, doen't he?
    2.You are Indian, aren't you?
    3.They had a nice weekend, didn't they?
    4.Peggy didn't use the pencil,  did she?
    5.Mary has answered the teacher's question,  hasn't she?
    6.The boy is from Turkey,   isn't he?
    7.Sue wasn't listening, was she?
    8.Andrew isn't sleeping, is he?
    9.Tom and Maria will arrive at Heathrow, won't they?
    10.She has a brother,  doesn't she?  

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