Текст про тигра на английском языке

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текст про тигра на английском языке

  • Muscular body, powerful legs, a large head. The look of even very awesome. Tiger can easily argue with the lion for the title of the king of beasts. After all, the tiger is the largest cat on Earth. Adult animal reaches 2.5 m, but still do not forget the tail length up to 90 see Especially large is the far Eastern Ussuri subspecies. This kitty does not weigh less than 300 kg

    The coat of this wild cat reddish-brown. Of course, it is difficult to imagine a tiger without his bands. By the way, they are each their own: someone stripes no, someone they are hardly noticeable, and strips of different shapes and location. Meet and the albino tigers, however, more and more often not in the wild, and in zoos and reserves. In nature tigers inhabit the territory from Siberia to Java and Bali. In connection with continuing persecution of man and unfavorable changes in climate, population of tigers is constantly decreasing. Most tigers in India and Indochina. There are about 3,000. And our far East there are only 200 in Iran and Afghanistan do not live more than 50 tigers.

    Tigers prefer to live in the woods, close to waters and tend to live alone, but to its neighbours-the tigers are friendly. Among them, fights are very rare, even over territory. And every tiger his vast estates of up to 100 km To bypass the tiger had to go up to 80 km per day. Tigers are nocturnal, but can meet and day, if there is a need to hunt. By the way, hunters they were fine - careful, well disguised, absolutely noiseless. They easily move on land and easily climb trees. Tigers can develop greater speed, so that the victim hide very difficult. Their main prey - wild pigs, deer, buffalos. Tiger food and never touches down

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