Стих на английском языке про еду, на уровне 10 класса, чтобы легко учился

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Стих на английском языке про еду,на уровне 10 класса,чтобы легко учился)

  • I love to eat delicious,
    and no matter fun of me or sad.
    I love red borsch, our dumplings
    and акрошку love, cottage cheese cheesecake
    calorie pizza salami strawberries
    banana pineapple potatoes with mushrooms,
    granted pies and salads
    I love vegetables,
    with the addition of mint.
    Love dried fruits, salads, meat,
    beef cutlets, chops pork.
    I love cabbage, pepper lazy,
    bagels with meat, apples, plums,
    sandwiches, cheese grilled fish
    apricot, grapes viands any.
    Shrimp love,
    crunching breadcrumbs,
    herring under a fur coat,
    dish with sour cream.
    Snack love with garlic
    and fast food, chebureks, kefir,
    tea I bear.
    I love adore,
    all melts in your mouth.
    How can you not love such a meal.
  •  Then gather up the gear --          Like pots'n pans and measuring cups          That you use throughout the year. Go over the recipe, step-by-step, So you'll know just what to do. By carefully following the directions, It won't be hard for you.          Have a hot pad handy          And an adult standing by --          So you won't hurt yourself          When using the stove or baking a pie. Оригинал 

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