Статья про животных. Заранее спасибо

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Статья про животных.
Заранее спасибо 

  • Snakes - startling and mysterious creatures . The shape of their body , especially the movement , the ability to upgrade cover - all this is fascinating and can not help but surprise ! But there are facts that few people know , and that makes it even more incredible animal .

    Snake can eat twice as long as the neighbor itself
    Such opportunities , of course, is not for everyone species of snakes . Sample reptile , the size of which two , or even more times its own, may, for example , king snake or python. In order to learn how it works reptiles , University of Toronto scientists had videotaped her meeting with another snake , and then explore the shocking video.
    It turned out that the king snake sharply pounces on its prey , it vtseplyayas entire jaw. And then squeezes his body like an accordion to gradually " push " a prey. When the meal is finished , the animal just spits remnants of undigested food .Snakes can grow without eating
    It turns out the snake was not about food , can live for months , thanks to the resources of its own body . In order to investigate this phenomenon , a scientist of the University of Arkansas - Marshall McCue and his colleagues observed for six months for 62 snakes, which did not fed. Among them were pythons, rattlesnakes and other species. Over the entire period of the hunger strike , these reptiles are very reduced their metabolism, some by as much as 72%. At the same time , burning fat , these animals did not cease to grow in length. As shared after the experiment Marshall McCue : " Caught in a stressful situation , snakes derive energy consumption on the new - a better level."

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