Срочно помогите 1.what were your relatives called2.when and where were they born3.what did they do for a living4.how have wars, conflicts and historic

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Срочно помогите 
1.what were your relatives called
2.when and where were they born
3.what did they do for a living
4.how have wars, conflicts and historical events affected your family history
5.did your ancestors move from place to place& why?
6.are there any family legends in the family? tell some of them if you like?

  • My family consist of grandfather, grandmother, my father, my mother and us children: my elder brother Peter and me Lina. Also my mother has younger brother Alex, Alex is my uncle. On another hand my father does not have any siblings. 
    Originally my father is from Lviv. His father was military person, so the whole family moved to Kiev, when my father was little boy. When my father graduated from the university, he started working as an engineer. 
    Me and my brother asked our mother alot of time about our grandparents. Our mother told us some details about her parents, but not much. IT is difficult topic for her, because her parents died during WWII. Our family last name is Potichelli. Everybody believes that is roots are coming from Italy. When i grow up, definitely will find out everything about our surname. Maybe i will find out about some family treasure in Italy.

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