СОСТАВТЕ ВОПРОСЫ!!! 1.When Danny was four months

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СОСТАВТЕ ВОПРОСЫ!!!                                                                                                      1.When Danny was four months old .2. No,he looked after Danny all by himself .3.No,Danny was an only child in the family .4. In an big gypsy caravan .5. Ye was a cheerful man .6. One hundred and fifty years old .7. Particularly in the evenings .8We had electric light in the workshop.

  • 1.When did Danny was four months old?
    2.Did he looked after Danny all by himself?
    3,Did Danny was an only child in family?
    4.Where was it?
    5.What was Ye?
    6.How many years ...
    7.When did ....
    8.What did light in the workshop?

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