Составьте рассказ о выборе профессии и своих планах на будущее, используя следующие слова и выражения.-after graduating from the college – после оконч

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Составьте рассказ о выборе профессии и своих планах на будущее, используя следующие слова и выражения.
-after graduating from the college - после окончания колледжа...;
- I'd like to get work at... мне бы хотелось получить работу на (в)...;
- I'm going to be...- я собираюсь стать
- I want to enter the Institute-я хочу поступить в институт;
- entrance exams- вступительные экзамены;
- a full-time student- студент дневного отделения;
- a half-time student- студент вечернего отделения;
- an extra-meral student-студен заочник.

  • After school, a person must make the most crucial step in his life - to choose a profession . Profession - is consciously favorite channel, in which you will invest a lot of time and effort. It is very important to the ability and character traits consistent with your activity.    There is an interesting statement: " Find what you love to do and do not work all my life ." From this it follows that the work , profession and vocation should be the same , otherwise , none of them will bring no joy, no material wealth .
        What I want from my future profession? Of course, that she was creative and developing , in the process of work, I talked to many interesting people and maybe traveled to other cities. Secondly , I have to have some knowledge and skills to be the best in their chosen profession . Thirdly , the fact that I will do is to benefit the public , not just me . And finally, my future profession should like me, so I did not wake up each day with the thought : "Again at work, when will release ? ? "
        I understand that in the 17 years to make such a choice is very difficult, so now we can only speculate and make plans . I love the profession of an architect who designs buildings for future projects , first creates a small mock-ups , and then transfers the idea into reality. Certainly , this profession requires a lot of knowledge and skills , so before their first project done a lot to learn and try.
        The work of the architect and combines creativity and rationality and knowledge , and continuous development . After all, if you're not going to learn over and over again , to learn new methods of construction , and other secrets of the trade , you can permanently "stuck" in the past and stay in place.
        Another very important advantage of this type of activity - the usefulness and relevance to society. Literally with his own hands to influence the appearance of the city in which you live , make your yard, the street , the area such what we would like - all of which can give the profession of architect. And what could be better than to give pleasure to people who first come into a new building or an apartment? I can make buildings comfortable and practical and, at the same time , beautiful and eye pleasing . But before these plans I have to learn a few years in college, spoil mounds of paper for drawings and kilograms of cardboard mockups.
        If for some reason the profession of architect and will remain a dream for me , I will try in other spheres . For example, in the economy. From an economist depends on the successful operation of the enterprise or the entire city. There are many different interesting jobs , but what I'd work may be, will have to start from the very beginning , learning everything from the smallest detail . The main thing - a creative approach to the task at hand and safely go to the goal , not being afraid of problems and obstacles. Then the work will bring joy, self-affirmation and a good salary .

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