Составьте предложения, испльзуя данные слова:1.Homework/is/for/there/a lot/me/of/in the evening2.Computer/a large/in/there/company/is building/mis3.Cof

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Составьте предложения,испльзуя данные слова:
1.Homework/is/for/there/a lot/me/of/in the evening
2.Computer/a large/in/there/company/is building/mis
3.Coffee/there/a cup/is/for/the table/of/you/on/for
4.There/many/to buy/are/things/shop/in
5.A carwash/is/at/there/the corner

  • 1)Is there a lot of homework in the evening for me?
  • 5 A carwash is there at the corner

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