Составте предложение2. Science, have, do, not, We, year, this.3.have, autumn, When, you, will, holidays, your?4.lessons, Do, often, miss, you, the?5.reading, storie

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составте предложение
2. Science,have, do,not, We, year, this.
7. do,do,you,What,IT  lessons,in?
срочно надо умоляю напомощь!!!!!!!!!!

  • 2. We don't have Science this year
    3. When will you have your autumn holidays?
    4. Do you often miss the lessons?
    5.I enjoy reading detective stories on holiday
    6. What do you know aboutyour school
    7.What do you do in IT lessons?

  • 1) Is there a book on the table? What is there on the table? There is a book on the table, isn't there? 
    2) Must he work hard today? How must he work today? He must work hard today, mustn't he? 
    3) Are we leaving for Moscow next week? When are we leaving for Moscow? We are leaving for Moscow next week, aren't we? 
    4) Were you reading the whole evening? What were you doing the whole evening? You were reading the whole evening, weren't you? 
    5) Don't they go to work on Sunday? When don't they go to work? They don't go to work on Sunday, do they? 
    6) Isn't it cold today? What is the weather like today? It is not cold today, is it? 
    7) Has Ann already begun to read a new book? What has Ann already begun to read? Ann has already begun to read a new book, hasn't she? 
    8) Did you learn German at school? Which foreign language did you learn at school? You learned German at school, didn't you? 
    9) Will they show you how to get there? Who will show you how to get there? They will show you how to get there? 

    1) Does our know several foreign languages? 
    2) Has he graduated from University last year? (Хотя правильно будет Did he graduate from University last year? т.к. с last Present Perfect не употребляется) 
    3) Shall we go to London next week? 
    4) Are they working in the garden? 
    5) Have you just read this book? 
    6) Did you take this book from your friend? 
    7) Does he like reading books? 
    8) Does she have many relatives abroad? 
    9) Were they in many countries? 
    10) Is Russia the largest country in the world?

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