Составьте диалог на тему: праздники России

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составьте диалог на тему: праздники России

  • - Hi, John! How are you? I congratulate you on the first day of Shrovetide!
    - Hello, Mike, I'm fine. Hold on a second, on what are you congratulating me?
    - Don't you know what the Shrovetide means? This is an old Russian tradition, one of the Slavic holidays which lasts for the whole week!
    - But what is the reason of such a holiday?
    - Our ancestors thought that today the Spring is coming.
    - That's rather interesting! And what traditions are there on the Shrovetide?
    -Everybody visits each other and eats pancakes.
    -I adore pancakes! And I like this tradition, so, why not drop by? I'll prepare some pancakes for you.
    - It's very kind of you, John! Let's go, I'll tell you about other Russian holidays while walking.

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