Составить секреты долголетия10 и больше прдложений. Желательно на английском. актульно до 22.11.2013

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Составить секреты долголетия(10 и больше прдложений.) Желательно на английском. актульно до 22.11.2013

  • The secret of longevity number one is a healthy lifestyle. The art of longevity is an art not to cut life. Among the factors that reduce the life of a man, one can name: life in the big city of financial insecurity, nervous nature, lack of movement, smoking, the use of alcohol, idle life, frequent diseases, excess body weight.
    Thus, the duration of life depends on a number of external factors and the behavior of a person, which should be considered by everyone who strives to keep their health and ability to work for years. Creativity is another step to longevity. 
    Turkish doctors believe that the best means to achieve a healthy longevity is regular garlic. The effect of daily use can not be compared with any other miraculous means. Besides garlic, specialists from Turkey advise to refrain from smoking every day, drink a few cups of tea, be sure to eat fish several times a week, often use peas, cabbage, bran. To prolong youth and health, it is advisable to avoid stress and conflicts, to keep good relations with your relatives and friends, sleep and exercise a lot.

    Может, еще кто-нибудь чего-нибудь добавит. Желаю удачи!

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