Составить предложения с to turn в значениях одно значение-одно предложение1. To turn around – повернуться, обернуться2. To turn out – оказаться3. To tu

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Составить предложения с to turn в значениях (одно значение-одно предложение)
1. To turn around -повернуться, обернуться
2. To turn out - оказаться
3. To turn over - перевернуться, ворочаться (во сне)
4. To turn up - появиться, очутиться
5. To turn into - превратиться (в...)
6. To turn inside out вывернуть наизнанку
7. To turn upside down - перевернуть верх тормашками
8. To turn up - сделать громче
To turn down - сделать тише

  • She turned around and saw big dog
    Our group turned out on the top of the mountain
    He always turns over
    Suddenly wicked witch turned up near us
    And then beautiful princess turned into a frog
    His mother always asks him to turn inside out his clothes
    My sister turned upside down her room looking up her textbook
    Please, Harry turn up the radio
    Father asked his son to turn down the TV
  • 1. I to turn around and saw a beautiful gift.
    2. I to turn out in a strange place.
    3. I strongly tossed and turn over.
    4. On a scene there to turn up a clown.
    5. The animal to turned into the person.
    6. I  to turned inside out the trousers.
    7. I hung head over to turn upside down.
    8. I made music to turn up.
    9. I made the TV more to turn down.
    Вот,  все. Пожалуйста. Я уверена- это правильно на 100 % !!!

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